14 September, 2009

Why does Sweden love their Immigrants so much?

I have wondered about this for quite some time and have come to many small but distinctive conclusions.

Centres such as Sundsvall, Umeå and Gävle are all entrenched in the left-wing movement, an ideology that has become part of their makeup, and something not easily shed. This is one of the reasons why there is no violence ever reported from here from Islamic Youths. The Islamic youth in these centres are either very content with the fact that they are taking over or the media simply does not broadcast this so as to "not rock the boat". In some of these cities the local governing body even puts pressure on the media in one way or another.

The centres that have the biggest problems including (but not exclusive to) Uppsala, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, the political movements are more progressive to the right. This would indicate that the people who do stand up to these violent oppressors are the ones that are receiving the worst violence. They are also the ones that are being labelled as "Racists" by their own people.

So, it is the left-wing traitors that are selling out their own government. Mona Sahlin and her ridiculous coalition will be the death of this country. The Green party wants a one world government with free and unrestricted immigration and emigration around the world. Something that can not happen while so many people are full of hate.

The elections next year will be something that will interest the world.

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