01 September, 2009

CBN reports on the radical Islam in the UK

*From the International Free Press

The media agency CBN has a video report about the fundamental Islam that is taking over in the UK, especially England.
In the report the Interviewer talks to people at the front of this fight against this immense threat. Lionheart, the blogger who spoken out and has now had death threats, was one of the interviewees, and he casts a very bad light on the future of the UK.
The report has argued that it was the British governments continued adherence to political correctness that caused the death of at least one girl. She left an arranged marriage, which stained the family honour. Her father and uncle then repeatedly tried to kill her. In the end they succeeded, even though this girl turned to the police for help.
The video report is simply outrageous, but is it happening in Sweden?

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