01 September, 2009

Scotland's "goodwill" to terror

Some of you may remember the Lybian terrorist, Abdel Basset Ali al-Megrahi, who decided it was a good idea to blow up Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerie, Scotland. Then some may not. As it happened in December 1988, you may not.

The fact remains however, that this man destroyed an airplane full of Mothers, Fathers, and Children. He murdered 210 souls on that flight, including 189 Americans and 81 people from other nations.

This man is being set free.

The reason for this absolute breakdown in the moral fabric of the British isles? International appeasement. Can you believe the loss in fibre of the policy makers of the once great United Kingdom?

Lybia is under the rule of Col Muammar Gaddafi. So the leader of the country is a military man? Well that shouts stability if ever I have seen it.

This is just another case of "interests" being more important to the government that "values." Lybia is sitting on a literal gold mine of oil. Their confirmed reserves number in the tens of billions of barrels, and with the promise from Lybia giving BP the ability to tap into this store, the British government thinks that this will sweeten the deal some what.

The government sights that the terrorist is terminally ill, so it's OK. I do wonder however why does the Lybian government want him back? He was an intelligence agent, so either he still has something valuable for them, or they want to execute him. I just wonder if he will get a parade?

This is just another case of the western worlds continual compliance with the Middle East's demands, and western governments lack of balls to dictate terms.

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