01 September, 2009

Dialogue, what's that?

I am getting so sick of all the politicians out there who want to "open up a dialogue" with these Islamic extremists. Are they stupid?

The real hard line Islamic extremism today is not interested in Dialogue, they just want to destroy. It is that simple. They have no interests in having their demands met, they just want to destroy the western world and all that it stands for. Take – for example – a kidnapping a couple of years ago in Iraq of some French, their demands were that the Burqa law would be changed. If there was any hint that they would give in to these terrorists, then all they would want is more and more.

The end-game goal of Islam is the total and complete control of the entire world. They will never stop and they will never give up.

There is no avoiding this, and it is going to come to a head at some point in the future. I am just amazed at how Islam has infiltrated Europe in the last ten years without very many people concerned about this. Are people blind, do they not see, or are they just too afraid of what could happen to their families? If they are afraid of what could happen to their families then just think of a world their grandchildren could be living in.

It is this concern that is the motivation for this blogg and the reason why I want to speak out.

I do not want my children's children being governed by Sharia, it would be the greatest tragedy to happen in Europe.

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