01 September, 2009

The American Predicament

One of the greatest Universities in the world has began to give in to the Muslim fear of violence.
It is absolutely amazing how far these institutions will go because of the fear of outcry from this minority. Their political power has become so horrendous in stature that no-one is prepared to stand against it for fear of being labelled a racist.

It appears that the "race" card is being played in the largest way imaginable here. Is it white Americas fault for having black slaves? Did America bring this on themselves? In my opinion, NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!
America needs to stand for the values that many people died for.

The political correctness that is quite evident in the UK is slowly being interwoven into the fabric of the US constitution.

The FEAR of upsetting Muslims. It is like a bully in the playground, "do what I say or I will beat you up!" Are americans scared of what will happen on their own soil? There has never been an invader that has set foot on, and controlled american soil since the forming of the republic.

In England there are "no-go areas" for non-muslims. Is that the next step in America? Are you going to give up your constitution that the founding fathers fought for, and replace it with Sharia law? This is the final step.

Wake up America, what is happening in the UK, and in many other European countries is where all of our western values are going.

Here in Sweden it is one of the most cold, unseen wars ever. Very little violence, very little open hatred. Behind all of this, behind closed doors, the Swedish people are waking up to that fact that they are loosing their country from within....

Will you do the same?

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