18 September, 2009

Is the Muslim Council of Sweden, just a front to Terrorist organisations?

I know this accusation is large and most socialists would argue "racists," but I have to wonder. There is growing evidence to the relations of the higher members of this organisation. It is a worrying question and one that we should not dismiss without investigation.

It begins with the arrest of the four "Swedes" in Pakistan a few weeks ago. This was clouded in secrecy, where no one was explaining too much. It finally emerged that the "Guantánamo Swede" was one of the perpetrators (see below post) but what has only just come into the light is the history and ideologies of the other people involved.

Lets look at the principle characters here. We all know about Mehdi Ghezali and his blatant disregard for hiding the fact that he is a crook. The other three are an interesting matter in themselves. Firstly, we have Benouda Safia, the daughter of the Swedish Muslim Council President. I wonder how far the apple has fallen from the tree? The other two arrested are Benouda's boyfriend and child that is two years old. The question has to be asked, "who the hell takes their two year old child on holiday in the worst parts of Pakistan?" There has to be some serious questions asked here.

The millions that have been spent by the Swedish tax-payer to bring Ghezali back from Guantánamo in itself was an insult, and when the members of the comitee that was set up to investigate this man were questioned about this latest fiasco, they were strangely vague on the matter.

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