14 September, 2009

'Guantánamo Swede' arrested in Pakistan

It has been confirmed that the "Guantánamo Swede" is among those arrested in Pakistan.

Mehdi Ghezali is SUSPECTED of being involved with Al Qaeda, nothing more. But then we must look at the facts. He has spent time in Guantánamo, so he has to have been in some precarious situation where there was some suspicion. He was released, this can be seen as an acquittal or a lack of proof, but neither rules out guilt. He has been caught for a second time under suspicious circumstances. I usually go for three strikes, but he is not far away.

We then look at the pattern. He had some form of identity crisis. That is the first red flag. All teenagers have some form of identity crisis, but not all of them join Al Qaeda. He wanted to get in touch with his roots, again understandable. This leads him to Saudi Arabia, one of the most extremely orthodox Islamic countries in the world. This is another red flag. He is arrested by the American military at the beginning of their campaign in Afghanistan. Seriously, who goes for a holiday in Afghanistan, and if one is traveling for enlightenment purposes directed from Saudi Arabia.... well there is another red flag.

All of this is circumstantial, but there is allot of circumstantial evidence here.

Anti-terrorist organisations have extensive files on how Al Qaeda goes about their recruitment. The purposely target the easily influenced youths from western countries seeking their roots, they give them a purpose. It also opens up the Al Qaeda network to conduct missions from within that country. They have even started to target blond haired, blue eyed individuals as they would never be suspected.

There is evidence of this everywhere in the world. Last month an Australian/somali traveled to Somalia to join the Islamic militants there. He was a youth with an identity crisis.

The Swedish media should feel real shame for depicting this man in every instance as a victim. Look at the evidence from a neutral perspective, that is the job of the media. Unfortunately they never do, and we are doomed to live with this form of left-wing acceptance for as long as it takes to move towards the light.

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