01 September, 2009

Does the Qur'an say it's OK to hit women?

Our political leaders always talk about how Islam is the religion of peace, they neglect to mention why they think this way. It is one of those strange things where a politician just says it over and over until people actually believe it. This of course doesn't have to be true.

In this case, it is absolutely not true. I continually read the Qur'an, just to interpret passages that have been outlined by the leaders of nations, and the leaders of religious groups. I don't trust people who are in politics or media until I have seen it myself.

So when I read this verse I was absolutely astounded. The Qur'an is the highest authority in Islam, there is nothing more to it. It (to Muslims) is the word of god, and what he says goes.

Sura 4:34
Husbands should take good care of their wives, with the bounties God has given to some more than others and with what they spend out of their own money. [This is all very well and good so far] Righteous wives are devout and guard what god would have them guard in their Husbands absence. If you fear high-handedness (this refers to her wanting to become more important to her husband) from your wives, remind them of the teachings of God, then ignore them when you go to bed then hit them. If they obey you, you have no right to act against them: God is most high and great.

I am absolutely amazed at the shear arrogance and archaic nature of this book. The Qur'an advocates violence against women, it is that simple.

Some would say "that it's only if......" Well I say it is never OK. The other big problem is that the verse is interpreted in many ways. It depends where you come from. Some will say that his wife is his and he can do with her what he pleases.

I just can't believe how anyone can advocate this book in any country in the world.


Anonymous said...

you have an incorrect translation of the verse , the correct one sayes
"to go away" not to beat her
please read it in the following link
it is an English Translation of the Quran

Anonymous said...
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John Sobeiski said...

I have followed the link, and read the information on the site. The compounding fact remains however, that women are subjugated in Islamic cultures. How is it such a common tendency and it is argued against by people like yourself? In so many situations I have witnessed, women have to wear specific clothing, sit in the back seat of cars and never walk in front of their husbands.

Can you explain these disgusting cultural traits for me please?

SenorMurked said...

uhh yes, authoritarian extremist government. Run by men. It's not the Quran. It's men.

The Quran says to dress modestly. In no way does it really describe what you are accustomed to seeing (on the news, for you, I imagine) today.

What you talk about is not much different than the Catholic Church, which also treats women as unable for certain duties.

SenorMurked said...

As for the passage, I think it does say its okay to strike them. Just like it states in the Old Testament that women can be kept as sex slaves.