12 September, 2009

Eight years and counting....

It has been eight long years since the dreadful events of 9/11, and how the world has changed. Eight years ago we were oblivious to the plight that was to befall us, and you would think that the events that transcribed would force the unknowing into the light; the ones who thought Islam was "just another religion" might just wakeup.

The biggest tragedy of all is that it did not do this what so ever. The weary, the week, and the indifferent continued along their path of acceptance. Instead of fighting things head on like Thomas Jefferson did, we were forced into the political correct frame of mind where we were told that "not all Muslims are like that" and we were forced into submission by our governments. That word is interesting – submission – as it is exactly the translation Islam is in Arabic. So in other words, we have been forced into Islam by our governments. We had to submit to their words. They said it was "racist" to criticise Islam, so we submit. They say that it is a peaceful religion, and so we submit. This entire time YOU have been forced into Islam without even knowing it.

Is this these the lives that you wanted for you children? Is this what you have been working your whole lives for?

The truths here are that Radical Islam as opposed to Peaceful Islam is gaining ground. There are never any reports of peaceful Islamic movements, or success stories. Radical Islam is what the mass of young Muslim men are being taught these days. They form gangs and terrorise locals. Their end game is total submission of the masses, and they are not far from their goal. Local individuals in areas of Sweden like Rinkeby, Rosengård, Gottsunda, and Södertälje are scared into submission. They are afraid to go out in the evenings, and they are harassed for being white. What has society come to when we accept the harassment of our Grandmothers and Grandfathers?

Today it is a crime to be white. You are liable for all the crimes of the white man of the past, and you are automatically a racist. To these minorities it is taught to them at a young age, to get what you want, just call them racist. This is something that has been taken up by the media, and even the governments of our world. If you are accused of being a racist, might as well kiss your political career goodbye.

It has swung back on itself, now the minorities are racist against the white man. But it seems to me that being racist against the white man is an OK norm for society, like we deserve it? This is the accepted truth.

The events of 9/11 have caused not a wakeup call for the western world, but instead has lead to a political fundamentalism where it is taboo to accuse Muslims of anything. If you do, then you are racist.

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