21 November, 2009

What if?

If Allah was actually around, he would denounce Muslims everywhere. Murder is never the answer. Why can't people just get along? I am sick of a world full of people who just want to kill each other. If they want to kill someone, go and buy a PS3 and some shooter game.

Seriously, why is there so much hate in this world? Why can we not just get along? Why are people so full of the acquisition of power?

These questions are some that I would like to have answered by these radical groups. I want to know why they have to kill. Why is it that their ideology/religion is so intolerant of other people? I think that the world leaders need to have their heads banged together by their parents.

Common sense is something that none of these people have, they are just slaves to political correctness. Spineless and snakelike.

I want to see a world leader with as much self-esteem as Geert Wilders. Every country needs a Geert Wilders to shake up the country. If he becomes the Prime-minister in the next Dutch elections then we will see some real change in that country.

The religion of Peace. This is the biggest contradiction in human history.

And now a message from our sponsors...

Sometimes people can not speak the truth more than the likes of this guy. It is amazing that there is so many people out there that advocate Islam and what it stands for. There is so much death and murder conducted in the name of Allah.

15 November, 2009

The Future of Sweden

Is this the Sweden that we have heard about from our overseas friends or admirers? I am staggered at the amount of naïve people here. They have no idea about this going on under their own noses.

13 November, 2009

Jihad Recruitment: The Stockholm way.

In perusing the news, one comes across many disturbing facts, claims and outlandish debates. this one however makes me think that I may live in the wrong country. I could not believe that this could happen in Sweden of all places. What the Hell!!!!!!

Swedish taxpayers helped fund a youth recreation centre in the north Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby which served as a recruiting station for the Somalia-based Islamist group al-Shabaab.

More than ten young people from the predominantly immigrant neighbourhood who spoke with Sveriges Radio (SR), said that the recruitment drive was led by a youth leader at the Kreativitetshuset recreation centre.

The recreation centre was started by a mosque and received a total of 480,000 kronor ($70,400) from the Stockholm city sports and recreation administration over four years before closing down in 2008.

"It's horrible. There was no suggestion of this when we had contact with the association when it was created," Per Johansson, head of the city's department for clubs and associations, told SR.

"Their paperwork was in order when they submitted it. And during the visits we made to the facility during the first year we didn't see anything to indicate something like this."

The head recruiter, said to be in his thirties, showed young people video clips from YouTube which encouraged viewers to sacrifice themselves for their beliefs.

“I saw how they showed images of war victims, decapitated heads, and all sorts of horrible things while repeating the same message the whole time. It had a big impact on those who weren’t strong enough to stand up to it,” one young person who resisted the youth leaders urges to join al-Shabaab, told SR.

According to Swedish security service Säpo, al-Shabaab successfully recruited around 20 young people from Sweden, some of whom who have been killed in battle.

The news comes on the same day as the magazine Neo previewed an interview by journalist Per Gudmundson with the wife of another man from Rinkeby who was recruited by al-Qaeda in Iraq.

“I don’t think he’s done anything wrong. I see it as a part of our religion,” the man’s wife told Gudmundson, who traced the man’s journey from the Stockholm suburbs to the battlefields of Iraq after reviewing documents confiscated by the US military from al-Qaeda in Iraq hideouts near the Iraqi border with Syria.

The documents, known as the Sinjar Records, contain details about 606 foreign jihadist fighters, including the man from Sweden.

According to Magnus Ranstorp, head of research at the the Centre for Asymmetric Threat and Terrorism Studies (CATS) at the Swedish Defence Research Agency (FOI), there are hundreds of jihadists in Sweden, but the number has remained constant for several years.

“What we can see is that the number of jihadists in Sweden hasn’t increased in recent years. The size of the group is relatively constant. The security police are good at keeping tabs on these people, which occurs either through their own investigations or by having Swedes highlighted in investigations abroad,” he told the Nyheter24 news website.

He added that many Swedish jihadists attempt to join terrorist groups in order to fight with the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as in other conflict zones like Iraq and Somalia.

Ranstorp also confirmed that al-Shabaab carries out “intensive recruiting” in Sweden, often using Somali associations and groups to help their efforts.

The stereotypical image of Sweden today is that of a landscape where during the summer people eat outside and live by the lakes. During the winter there is snow everywhere and it is cold.

The new image of sweden is that of a place where the native population are scared to go out after certain hours, and the colour is changing, LITERALLY.

05 October, 2009

Anti-semitism in Sweden

The following is a story from Stockholm news. It is just another instance where Anti-Semitism is becoming a pre-ordained ideology in Sweden. I may move out of this country soon.

A foreign family with two small children moved to Sweden in 2007. After a long time of problems with their neighbours, there was a housebreak into their apartment and they had to move out. The family has had difficulties in getting help and support from the local authorities and now they are forced to live in a small cabin in a camping ground. The smallest child is three months old.
Irina and Alex met on the internet in 2002. Irina (originally from Russia) was living in Australia and in 2004 she moved to Alex who lived in Iceland. In 2007, they moved to Sweden and settled down in Charlottenberg in Värmland, western Sweden. It is located close to the Norwegian border. (see map)

It became however soon clear for the family that this was going to be problematic. They live a life very conscious about their health. They eat healthy food, they drink no alcohol and they do not smoke. According to the mother Irina, their neighbours on the other hand live a life full of drugs, alcohol and smoking.

The frictions between the newcomer family and the locals started almost directly. When Irina told off a young girl for smoking too near her baby son, the tensions became stronger.

The first real incident was when the family had their car-window smashed after a while and they tried to get the police attention for this but with no results. The family decided to rent a house in Norway for a while to get away from this but then again they met some problems when the house was sold.

Back in Charlottenberg the problems continued. Irina gave birth to their second child three months ago and felt she was treated badly by the hospital nurses. The peak of the problems came when there was a break-in to their apartment. The flat was vandalized with red paint spread out on the walls and on different personal belongings.

The break-in was preceded by a dispute with their landlord, Gert-Ove Axelsson. The house keys were lost or stolen at some point. The keys were found and returned to the family but they suspected that they had been taken and copied. When the family demanded that the locks should be changed, he is supposed to have told them that keys cannot be copied in Sweden so they should not worry.

The family moved out after the break-in. Their landlord did, according to Irina, promise them to arrange a new flat for them but nothing happened. So now they live in a small cabin in a camping ground in the area.

The family has met difficulties each time they have turned to the local authorities for help. When the turned to the social service after they lost their home, they were told that they were not poor enough and the insurance company could not compensate them.

All these issues together shows that coming to a small municipality in Sweden as a foreigner can be really difficult if conflicts arises with neighbours and other people in the area. It is difficult to speak with authorities because of language and cultural differences.

This situation on the other hand indicate that it is something more behind than only problems related to culture or language. This family has gone through a lot of difficulties with seemingly harassments from neighbours but has gotten a passive or even cold response from the local authorities.

According to Irina the cold treatment from for example the social service is connected to the fact that the family has a Jewish background. The general perception is often that Jewish people are business-men with a good economy. Irina felt that this was the attitude when she appealed for help from the social service centre.


Note: Stockholm News has tried to reach the police in the area without result. We also called the landlord Gert Ove Axelsson but he had no time to speak with us.

Readers' comments

2009-10-05 21:04 Irina wrote:
lancelot , thank you! I will be contacting them tomorrow. I also opened a blog where I will tell the story from the start and will be posting any updates, pics or docs as often as I can (hopefully at least once a day) If anyone is interested you are most welcome http://sweden-as-is.livejournal.com P.S. Mr Axelsson is away until next week hunting for moose.

2009-10-05 20:44 Shira wrote:
Irina, Alaon is right. There is no point in staying in a country whose governement is unable to take distance from Anti Semitic stries. You will be more welcomed in Israel.

2009-10-05 01:08 lancelot wrote:
Irina, if you have tried all other options you could try to contact Centrum för Rättvisa (Centre for justice). They might be able to support you legally. Go to www.centrumforrattvisa.se there is an English version available

2009-10-04 21:39 Irina wrote:
Hi guys, thank you for the comments. As we found out a day ago our landlord Mr Axelsson who promised us a 2 bedroom apartment gave it to a man who will move into the old place which is being renovated after the vandalisation. So a single man is living in a large 3-room apartment while we are squashed into a small cabin at a camping site. I don´t even understand what my babies did to Mr Axelsson to deserve such treatment... I also do not believe that every Swede is like that.

2009-10-04 16:38 Alon wrote:
To Irina:Why you want to stay in a country which is Anti Semitic and uses their "Freedom-of-Speech" to lie about your nation.Leave Sweden!It is a dead country!Us,the Jews and Israelies,will never forget to Sweden the past and the present.Sweden is a country of Hamas!

2009-10-04 10:38 Lars wrote:
Something is rotten in the Kingdom of...Sweden

2009-10-04 08:40 John, London wrote:
Irina´s description is heartbreaking. It seems also to be very honest. Is there no way and no one to help? What kind of people are the Swedes?

2009-10-03 11:41 Irina wrote:
4) The description of the stolen things could have been used for the investigation in case they turn up somewhere but the police was not interested. 5) Our family needs just a little help to be back on the feet, but the local authorities have been extremely hard to communicate with and it has been two weeks now since the incident, we are still living at the camping site - we invite anyone to visit us to see this with one´s own eyes (the social workers refused to do it).

2009-10-03 11:36 Irina wrote:
I am that very same Irina from Charlottenberg in Eda. I just wanted to clarify some things: 1) neither my husband, nor me have been ever on any unemployment benefits in our entire lives. 2) There are many facts there were not mentioned in this article but it is the eight way for journalists to stay objective but I am open to any questions. 3) Some things were stolen but the police closed the investigation without letting us know or asking us a single question.

2009-10-03 06:16 Thor wrote:
Quote: " According to Irina the cold treatment from for example the social service is connected to the fact that the family has a Jewish background. The general perception is often that Jewish people are business-men with a good economy. Irina felt that this was the attitude when she appealed for help from the social service centre." Really disgusting discriminatory attitude.

2009-10-03 00:03 Ron wrote:
Come to Israel and put an end to your suffering from anti Jewish behaviour in Sweden.

What the hell is going on here? This is just ridiculous and creates so much animosity. The only reason for this is that the people involved in this are not only anti-semites but aniti-immigrants no matter where they are from. This is the more probable scenario I think. I guess people will have to make their own minds up.

24 September, 2009

Al-Aftonbladet lost for words?

I recently had some converse with one of the editors of our quasi-islamic newspaper–Al-Aftonbladet–regarding their stance on refusing to publicise SD advertisements. This is how it went:

Dear Sir/Madam,

It has come to my attention that the infinite wisdom of the great omnipotent aftonbladet may be in conflict with its own common rules.

In reading an article on the International Free Press societies web site, I have learned that aftonbladet has made it their business to decide what freedom of the press actually means. I wonder as to whether the actual role of news agencies in Sweden are different than in other parts of the world? Is it true that Sweden is a democratic nation? Is it also true that Sweden upholds the value of freedom of the press?

The Swedish government itself said that it would not get involved in the matter concerning your fabricated Israeli organ harvesting article because it was a part of the freedoms that we as Swedes uphold. In this respect, the mere fact that you yourselves will not publish SD advertisements is indicating that you yourselves are taking a political standing against specific ideologies. This will lead any reasonable person to the conclusion that you have chosen sides, and now have become a mere political puppet?

I must ask – is your paper a political puppet? Is Mona Sahlin holding little strings above you?

You argue that a populist Xenophobic movement is beginning in Sweden right now, and it has already happened in countries around Europe. You say that you are trying to shield the public from this argument, trying to conceal this ideology. I have to know, is this the job of the press? Are you so all knowing that you know what is best for the Swedish public? Do you have such little faith in your readers?

This action shows the following things.
  1. The left-wing monopoly is shifting in Sweden (something shown by the latest elections)
  2. You yourselves are scared.
  3. Aftonbladet is no longer concerned with the truth, but has become part of a political ideology.
  4. Aftonbladet has accused the Swedish people of being Stupid.

I only hope that the freedoms that are so often preached by the media in Sweden do not continue to be selective.

Mvh John

I was surprised to find in my inbox the next day a reply:

Sorry, you are not correctly informed.

Lena Mellin

I was concerned for the welfare of Al-Aftonbladet. Having such articulate reporters must have been of concern for the omnipotent one. I decided to reply:


Thank you for your response, however brief.

If that is in actual fact the case, then may I ask you for comment regarding this? If it is not your intention to corrupt the public opinion, and force the SD ideology into premature retirement then what is your goal as an impartial media agency?

There are many in the public who are sick of the situation where Aftonbladet is preaching a leftist pro-islamic stance. I have even seen that your newspaper has a new nickname. You are called to many Al-Aftonbladet. Is that how you want to be perceived?

I would much appreciate a more fruitful reply next time, but I do realise that time is money. You may have more pressing things to do.


As of yet, I have not received a reply, but "watch this space" for any reaction.

I do wonder, why is it so difficult for them to formulate a comprehensive reply? The points I outlined were fair (IMO) and straight forward enough, and the fact that of all European countries, the Swedes comprehension of English is beyond reprove.

I hope for a reply, but I am not holding my breath.

23 September, 2009

The Suppression of Free Speech in Europe

by Baron Bodissey

Below is a report by Dale Hurd of CBN News about the suppression of free speech in Europe. Thanks to the Islamization of Europe and the influence of the OIC, “defamation of religion” laws work in one direction only: in favor of Muslims and against everyone else.

Lars Hedegaard of the International Free Press Society and Geert Wilders — two people who are already well-known to Gates of Vienna readers — are prominently featured in this video:

21 September, 2009

More Firemen being Targeted by Muslim 'Youths'

"Here is an interview with some firemen in Sweden talking about how they cope with a hostile Muslim population that sets fires, then attacks them when they come to put them out and save anyone who may be in danger from them.

This of course is now familiar as it is classic 'Al Queda Handbook' stuff on how to make a no go zone. However it is nice to see cracks in the political correctness that has prevented European agents of the state from reporting the facts, although this video does not name Islam specifically, one can easily infer it from the interviews and pictures of the 'natives' of the area in Question."

The question I want to ask here is "where the hell is this reporting on the Swedish media networks?"

Geert Wilders Landmark address to the Dutch Parliament

The Dutch MP Geert Wilders has received overwhelming popularity in the last few years. He has achieved more against the Islamification of Europe than any other, and he is not afraid of speaking out. Every country in Europe needs a man like this.

Here is his speech.

It is over. This government has run aground, like an old car that got stuck in loose sand. It still squeaks a little, it cracks. Anyone can see that the little creature will never move one meter again. The battery is dead. It’s all over. Madam Chairman, it would be laughable if it were not for the future of the Netherlands. Then you could make fun of that little club of helpless people who stare out through the misty windscreen, hoping there is someone who can tell them which way to go. They know themselves that if you look closely, it is way past saving. That they only made the wrong decisions and did not take note of the little sign: “swamp to the left”. Then they did turn left. Because their ideological GPS is programmed to only turn “left” ever since the sixties. They cannot do anything else. Wouter [Bos, Vice PM, Finance Minister PvdA, Socialist] behind the wheel, Andre [Rouwvoet, Youth and Family Minister CU, Christian Union] in the baby seat, and to Jan Peter [Balkenende, PM CDA, Christian Democrat] anything is okay as long as his party gets to stay in the front seat. [V1]

They tried to throw some ballast overboard. Mrs. Vogelaar [former Integration Minister PvdA, Socialist] was tied to a tree. Aboutaleb [Moroccan-Dutch mayor of Rotterdam PvdA, Socialist] got out in Rotterdam with all his passports. Van Geel [fraction leader CDA] would have preferred to take the turn to Brabant to become the Queen’s Governor there. Jan Peter [Balkenende] cries out all the time: “I want to go to Brussels!”, and the Al Gore parrot, Miss Cramer [Environment and Housing Minister PvdA, Socialist] trumpets from the back seat: “Not too fast, that is bad for the polar bears!” The only route the PvdA is proposing is to do a few turns around the [Amsterdam] canals.

Prime Minister, please just stop with this. Send that rusty piece of junk to the junkyard. Collect the scrap fee. It makes no sense anymore. There is only one reason why the government [“Cabinet”, coalition government] continues stumbling: that is out of fear of elections.

I do understand that. I get it. For when the Netherlands gets to vote, it will show that the crisis mainly is happening in one specific place… and that is in the government. The Balkenende/Bos people, who are most of all good at throwing billions towards the chalk lines, to the big banks. If the Netherlands is allowed to choose, it will choose against the snatching habits, the big fat bonuses and bungling with side jobs. How dare the government go after ordinary citizens while they simultaneously spend billions on banks and leftist hobbies, and hundreds of millions for the 19,000 asylum seekers that await us next year, about double the number of last year!

If the Dutch get to say what they think about the budget cuts, well then, I can predict what it will be: care, the police, and education will be spared. According to the Dutch there should not be any pinching and scraping on that. But the borders will be closed immediately to more fortune-seekers. Then the development aid spigot will be turned off tight, and there will no more be billions flowing to that bureaucratic Moloch, the European Union. Then the left-wing public TV will have to do with far less money, and there will be no expensive JSF [F-35 Joint Strike Fighter].

If the voters have their way, the fraction of the PvdA will fit in a Mini Cooper. Looking away just won’t help anymore. The coalition that has run aground may stick its head deep under the dashboard; the voters are on the verge of losing all patience, they are counting the days until the next election, which at the latest will be on May 11, 2011. The voters want a new parliament and a new government instead of this helpless bunch in that run-aground little car.

But, fair is fair; there is also a lot being achieved by this government. For instance, integration goes very well… At least, the integration of the Netherlands into Dar-al-Islam, the Islamic world. This government is enthusiastically co-operating with the Islamization of the Netherlands. In all of Europe the elite opens the floodgates wide. In only a little while, one in five people in the European Union will be Muslim. Good news for this multiculti-government that views bowing to the horrors of Allah as its most important task. Good news for the CDA [Christian Democratic Appeal, the party of the PM]: C-D-A, in the meanwhile stands for Christians Serve Allah [Christenen Dienen Allah].

Madam Chairman, this government, this elite does not have even the slightest will to oppose Islamization. No, it looks to it as a great enrichment of the Dutch landscape. All those snug mosques, those cute headscarves, those cozy burkas. Yes, the Netherlands really becomes more beautiful with that. Here and there from time to time some are left dead, or some are raped, and eventually our country will go bankrupt. But all that may not spoil the fun. Only a grumbler would pay attention to that. Just have patience for a little while, because we await the Islamic Utopia.

Madam Chairman, a better environment begins with yourself. Many Dutch are irritated by the pollution of public space by Islam. In other words, our streets in some places are increasingly looking like Mecca and Tehran. Scarves, hate-beards, burkas, men in long weird white frocks. Let us do something about that. Let us start to reconquer our streets, and ensure that the Netherlands will look like the Netherlands again. Those headscarves are a true sign of oppression of women, of subjugation, of conquest. It is a symbol of an ideology that is out there to colonize us. Therefore: it is time for a big spring-cleaning of our streets. If our new Dutch citizens want so badly to show their love for that seventh-century desert ideology, then they should rather comfortably do that in a Muslim country, but not here, not in our country.

Madam Chairman, this country has an excise tax on petrol and diesel, it has parking permits and a dog-tax, it has an airline ticket tax and has a packaging tax, so why not tax the headscarf? A Head Rag Tax. Just pick up a license once a year and immediately pay for it in cash. €1000 a year [$1500] seems like a tidy sum to me. Then we will finally get some money back out of what has cost us so much. I would say: the polluter has to pay. My question: is the government prepared to introduce a headscarf-tax?

Madam Chairman, the government refuses to tell the citizen what mass immigration and the presence of non-western immigrants costs us. The government refused to answer our questions on this. Fortunately we know approximately what this joke costs us. The Dutch weekly Elsevier did a calculation and came up with over two hundred billion euros. To be precise: 216 billion euros [$318 billion]. For this year alone that already means nearly 13 billion euros [$20 billion].

But, Madam Chairman, this government does not want to know it. “For we aren’t going to calculate how much the elderly cost us, either,” the government says. How is it we do not know how much an elderly person costs? Someone in a nursing home costs €165 a day, a prisoner €192 and a TBSer €476 euros. But when it comes to the electoral cattle of the Socialist Party [PvdA] then suddenly it is: all eyes closed and all peckers tight. Then the truth has to remain under the hood. When it comes to immigration, that information suddenly almost seems a state secret. And this while immigration is the result of government policy, the result of the decision to open the locks wide.

Madam Chairman, The Netherlands has approximately one million Muslims. Many of them are immigrants. And none of those really came over here out of love for the Netherlands. They did not really come en masse to the Netherlands because they find it such a fabulous country with all those unbelievers, all those kaffirs. What did they come over for then? Well, for state benefits, for instance. And before you attack me on this, I am not the only one who says this. GreenLeft MP Tofik Dibi recently said that young people in Morocco view the Netherlands as a utopia where you can get free benefits. A takeaway counter for free money, as I understand it. In short, they come here out of an economic calculation. Over there penniless, here a fat benefit.

Madam Chairman, is it such a surprise then, that we start to wonder how much that leftist hobby costs us? That we carry out an economic calculation? If they do it, why can’t we? The message of the government is: you pay and you shut up, and you know what? The immigration party must go on, you just are going to enjoy working two years longer for it [past your pension year]. Two years of toiling and sweating, to finance Islamization. What a vision!

The government remains silent over those costs and sets aside Constitution because of it. The PVV will reward that tomorrow with a vote of mistrust. We will also start an investigation ourselves. All of the Netherlands is very welcome to contribute their ideas. What do we have to count for it? What items have we forgotten? How much does mass immigration cost us? Everyone will soon be able to go to the new website www.watkostdemassaimmigratie.nl [what-does- mass-immigration-cost]. Coming soon. We will do our own research or we will subcontract it.

Madam Chairman, all the money that mass immigration is costing us we can use in much better ways. For example, for our own elderly. Hands off the AOW [state pension]. We do not accept that there will be reductions of the AOW. What an antisocial proposal! What nonsense too: of the 63- and 64-year olds, less than 15% are working now. According to us those people do not have to trudge an extra two years longer [until 67]. The people on the street know what the problem is. They can tell you exactly. They know that mass immigration is the problem. That cost us at least 216 billion in the past forty years. Government, don’t get it into your heads to cut 4 billion of the AOW.

So do not get it in your heads to send the bill to the common man. Everyone should just be able to retire at 65. Our proposal is: close the borders to the fortune seekers from Muslim countries. This provides us with billions that we can make good use of for the defense of the AOW.

We stand at a crossroads: do we opt for more mass immigration or do we choose for our own elderly? The Party for Freedom chooses for our elderly.

Madam Chairman, sound economic policy starts with lower taxes. These are necessary for the first steps on the road to a better Netherlands, and that can already be done next year. Therefore we created a counter-budget proposal. In 2010 we start with a cut of seven billion on leftist hobbies and subsidies. With this we lower the income tax in the second level [tax on income and property and for social security “insurances”, now circa 42%] by 3%. This means not a few euros less [like in the government budget], but a few hundred euros more for an average family. Many people therefore will have more money in their pockets. We also reduce the deficit by over one billion euros, so we budget one billion extra for care [like old pensioners’ houses] and will finally return the stolen “quarter of Kok” [temporary extra petrol tax of 25 cents, introduced by Socialist Finance Minister Wim Kok in 1991 to help budget cuts, and which became permanent] at the gas station. And from the PVV, no cuts in the police budget. Not a penny. We will completely annul the irresponsible cuts by this government on the police.

And, apart from tax reduction, we have to other plans to plans to slightly soften where possible the economic crisis. Two plans to boost the economy. First: we cut the property transfer tax in half [tax on house sales, circa 6-8% of the sale price]. That will make the housing market slowly start up again, because buying a house becomes cheaper.

Second: we boost job creation by temporarily making labor cheaper. The PVV budgets 320 million euros to help people who lost their jobs get on a faster track to a job in the private sector. We scrap the social security charges for one year for employers who take on people from unemployment. This enables 100,000 people who could no longer have jobs because of the crisis to get back to work faster! 100,000 people! Chairman, this seems to me — during the biggest job losses since the Second World War — many times more effective than to continue to allow hordes of Polish workers in, as the government does.

The government is preparing itself for the biggest reductions ever. “All political taboos are open for discussion,” said Wouter Bos [Vice PM and Finance Minister, Socialist], the man who has embellished the bankers with many billions and now wants the common man to pay the bill. Chairman, the financial policies of this government are indefensible; I understand that the financial spokesman for the Socialist Party [PvdA], Mr. Tang, has really done everything he could not to have a debate about that.

Madam Chairman, Monsieur Bos should finally begin with his own leftist tough meat. And keep your hands off the care, the police, and education. It will not be easy to address your own constituency, but it can be done. Madam Chairman, cut that leftist public broadcaster, minimize the contribution to the European Union, stop those arts-subsidies, stop — except for emergency aid — this crazy development aid, and no expensive JSF aircraft.

Madam Chairman, crime must be taken on much harder. The Netherlands should be reconquered, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, beach party by beach party. With officers who act rock-hard against criminals instead of issuing speeding fines for driving a few miles too fast, as ordered by people from above.[V2] Madam Chairman, the scum who is caught by the scratch also has to receive real penalties. Thus longer behind bars. Never again a community service or a low prison sentence for rape. Moroccan street terrorists we must pick up. We must take them on rock-hard.

Madam Chairman, in our new Netherlands, the heaviest punishment will be imprisonment, and therefore not in the nursing homes. The nurses are really kind there, but there are not enough of them, therefore, among other things, we want one billion extra for care. A 24-hour diaper replaces the toilet at the moment, there is no time for a daily shower. To have a cigarette, the elderly — often with wheelchair and all — have to be carted outside. But they often have not been outside for days, for weeks. They even have to pay extra for having their clothes washed, and a biscuit with your coffee? That is often something of the past.

No such thing for the criminals though. They have it much better in prison. They are entitled to go outside one hour each day, they have the right to recreation and to sport. Clothing, shoes? Absolutely free. Prison cells are full of smoke, because they are allowed to smoke in there. They have more guards per inmate than there are nurses for the elderly.

The PVV proposal is crystal clear. Older people must have it much better than prisoners. But now it is the other way round. That has to change, and I would like to see the Prime Minister to respond to that. Give our elderly in the nursing homes more rights than prisoners, and take away the luxuries for those villains in prison. No game computers, no TVs anymore, no halal food, no sport and recreation. Let them feel they are criminals. And spoil our elderly. Give them at least as many attendants as there are guards in prison. Give our elderly the right to have a shower every day, to go out every day, to have a smoke in their own rooms. Madam President, it does not seem too much to ask that the people who had to eat tulip bulbs in the famine winter [1944-45], who worked on the rebuilding of the Netherlands after the war — that these people may have a better deal than burglars, rapists, and murderers.

Because of such abusive situations, the PVV wants to mount the barricades. The government occasionally also gets furious, but for other reasons. The [Socialist] Home Secretary Ter Horst, just before the summer, called for a true revolt. A revolt by whom? Well, a rebellion by the elite! Has a Dutch minister has ever before said anything so bizarre? Miss Ter Horst deluded herself that she was the Che Guevara of the Binnenhof [ parliament buildings in the Hague]. Above-average of all countries, unite! You have nothing to lose but your side jobs.

Madam Chairman, I conclude. The Netherlands would look so much better without this government[1]. Richer. Safer. More social. And above all: more Dutch. The elite is dreaming their sweet pink dreams, but the people are not crazy. The people, who have been betrayed for decades, will no longer take it. Change is in the air. Hope glimmers on the horizon. You can taste it everywhere. There is no stopping it. Everybody sees it. Except the people in that little car, in the dead of night, somewhere in the middle of the woods. Stuck in the loose sand. The battery is dead. It is pitch dark and dead quiet. A dog urinates against a front wheel. Van der Laan eat his last bun with halal meat. It cannot last much longer. The wild animals already smell their cold sweat. Nobody dares to say anything. Wouter [Bos] hides his eyes of fear behind his — expense-account — RayBan sunglasses.[2]

They are all lost. Nobody cares for them anymore. The silence is only disturbed by the little GPS that says to this government “You have arrived at your destination”.

It is time for elections!

Crazy Inga is Now in Pakistan

by Baron Bodissey

I reported last night on one of the “Swedish” terrorists captured in Pakistan who turned out to be the daughter of the President of the Swedish Muslim Council.

The report below (including a translation) was prepared by our Swedish correspondent CB. It offers a wealth of background on Safia Benaouda and the “Swedes” of Al Qaeda:

This is an update to the Mehdi Ghezali story, and it sure is like Gudmundson says: What a story!

Per Gudmundson, an expert about Islamic terrorism and an editorialist at the major conservative newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, gives us this interesting update about the Ghezali case. I think he’s correct in asking questions about one of the central persons in this, Helena Benaouda, the leader of the Muslim Council of Sweden and a Swedish convert to Islam.

First some brief background on Safia Benaouda.

She is the daughter of the powerful president of the Muslim Council of Sweden, and in the 2007 Christmas break from school, she and her husband traveled to Dubai and then to Somalia — to experience an authentic Muslim country. This authentic Muslim country was at the time ruled by the Muslim courts, whose youth organization is the infamous al-Shabab that is terrorizing Somalia today.

One might wonder why young Swedish Muslims travel to such a country. It might be that the kids just were naïve enough to think this was an Islamic paradise, and got caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. But Safia’s husband is said to have been recruiting jihadists in Denmark prior to this trip. And they were traveling with the American wife of the confessed terrorist Daniel Maldonado (a.k.a. Daniel Aljughaifi), guilty of training with al-Qaeda in Somalia.

So it might be understandable why the Ethiopians and Americans had an interest in these young people. Note that Helena Benaouda claimed that Safia was kidnapped in Somalia and was totally innocent. Is she “innocent” this time as well?

The Muslim Council of Sweden has close ties to both the Swedish Social Democrats and the Muslim Brotherhood and Yusuf Qaradawi. It was only recently (February 2009) that one of the main figures in the council, Mahmoud Aldebe, distanced himself from Qaradawi when the latter said that Allah sent Hitler to punish the Jews. Aldebe said, “Qaradawi’s statement doesn’t really help our [the Muslims’] cause.”

Qaradawi’s hatred against Jews was not a new thing for the Muslim Council of Sweden, but with Hitler on the table things probably got a little to hot to handle. The Muslim Council was also instrumental in inviting Tariq Ramadan in 2006 to a joint appearance with the Social Democrats’ “Christian” wing, where Ramadan and Helena Benaouda spoke about the Muslims’ place in Europe. And this is the same “Christian” Social Democrats who are fostering closer ties with Hamas. All admittedly to win more Muslim votes in the upcoming election (the elections of 2006). Some of the leaders of the council have tried to get the Swedish government to give legal status to shari’a laws regarding family rights.

Helena Benaouda, the present president of the Muslim Council of Sweden, has argued strongly in public many times against Islamic marriage practices in Sweden, and that Muslims should abide by Swedish law in this instance. But she has also defended the infamous Cherin Awad, the program leader of Halal TV on Swedish public TV, and claimed that Awad was a good spokesperson for Muslims.

This is the Awad who claimed that stoning for marital infidelity was the correct method of handling things — until the public heat became too embarrassing for her and Muslims in Sweden. This is the Islamic ruling on family matters, and Benaouda thinks that ideas like this are representative of Swedish Muslims.
- - - - - - - - -
Benaouda has also written an article in which she claimed that the Muslims should make contacts with the Jews to learn how to avoid the next holocaust — this time a holocaust of the Muslims in Sweden and perhaps Europe, one has to assume. This is a tactic used by Muslims in different European countries, like the Muslim Council of Britain, to silence criticism of the religiously-motivated violence committed by their co-religionists.

This tells us that there is plenty to investigate about when it comes to who Benaouda is, and what her views and allegiances really are.

Gudmundson is correct in his wish that there should be probes into what the basic political and religious views of Benaouda and her relatives are.

Why did Benaouda defend her underage daughter’s travels to a Somalia ruled by the Islamic courts? I know that they claim Safia went without Mrs. Benaouda’s knowledge, and that Safia’s husband is the one who must have been pulling the strings — but the mother is the leader of one of the most powerful Muslim organizations in Sweden, with a lot of political clout.

Who believes that a devout underage Muslim woman doesn’t tell her mother such a thing? Will Helena Benaouda claim that her daughter was on vacation this time, too, to explore the mountains in North West Pakistan — and, as last time, that she was kidnapped?

There are some questions to be asked of the Muslim Council of Sweden and their president. And there should be hard questions asked of the Social Democrats, too, about their strange bedfellows.

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