21 November, 2009

What if?

If Allah was actually around, he would denounce Muslims everywhere. Murder is never the answer. Why can't people just get along? I am sick of a world full of people who just want to kill each other. If they want to kill someone, go and buy a PS3 and some shooter game.

Seriously, why is there so much hate in this world? Why can we not just get along? Why are people so full of the acquisition of power?

These questions are some that I would like to have answered by these radical groups. I want to know why they have to kill. Why is it that their ideology/religion is so intolerant of other people? I think that the world leaders need to have their heads banged together by their parents.

Common sense is something that none of these people have, they are just slaves to political correctness. Spineless and snakelike.

I want to see a world leader with as much self-esteem as Geert Wilders. Every country needs a Geert Wilders to shake up the country. If he becomes the Prime-minister in the next Dutch elections then we will see some real change in that country.

The religion of Peace. This is the biggest contradiction in human history.

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